In addition to working at iCrossing, I also have various other projects that occupy my time.

TyStreamer – Stream video from a TiVo or your local computer to any computer on the internet!  Originally designed strictly for remote viewing of TiVo programs, TyStreamer now also streams files on a computer.  VLC is used to read multiple formats and stream the video.  Still a work in progress.

jQuery.string – jQuery is a fantastic javascript library with excellent CSS selector capabilities and DOM manipulation.  It’s light-weight and really fast.  Prototype is an excellent all-purpose library with many great utility features, including string manipulation, enumerable arrays and hashes.  I love using jQuery for its speed and simplicity, but I miss Prototype’s utilities.  Luckily, jQuery is very extensible with its versatile plugin system.  jQuery.string is a plugin which aims to provide Prototype’s string manipulation functions to jQuery.