Examples of David Still’s work from around the web.

thedailyshow.cc.com and thecolbertreport.cc.com redesign

March of 2014 saw not only a new and modern responsive design for our flagship sites The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, but also a custom MVC Javascript framework codenamed “Triforce”. (Sssshhh! Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret!) The Triforce framework on top of our existing PHP-based MVC backend allowed us to create near-instantaneous page load times and prioritize which modules load when. The result is pages whose primary content is viewable immediately and supplementary page content complete within seconds!

VGX Awards on Spike.com

The VGX Awards site on Spike was one of my favorite projects in recent memory. I was able to collaborate with the design team to create a very interactive module that was visually stunning and worked across our entire browser target field (including IE8) with no compromises! You could just look at the screen shots, or you could watch this fun video:

Bellator Brackets

The Bellator Brackets show the results of each weight class in Spike‘s Bellator MMA League. The brackets are built in HTML/CSS (no Canvas elements or javascript in the brackets), with jQuery-powered overlays with extra fight details, and AJAX-enabled navigation between weight classes. Dynamic hash tags allow users to share links to a specific weight class, even though it is all built on the same page. The page is built with responsive design and shrinks the view to 2 or 3 rounds as necessary depending on the width of the viewing device. Mobile devices can swipe left or right to display more tournament rounds.


The responsive redesign of the GameTrailers home page included some very interesting elements including a carousel-style “Hero” module, a custom gallery script, and a “rainbow doughnuts” ratings widget!

The gallery script features automatically adjusting “panels” which dynamically adjust how many items are in each panel based on the current width of the page. It supports multiple rows in each panel, and each panel wraps individually for multiple rows; not in the middle of the list. The gallery also supports touch controls on mobile devices.

A fun animated representation of video game ratings on GameTrailers reviews!

The “Rainbow Doughnuts” are a fun animated way to display game ratings in reviews on the site. This is a custom script that uses jQuery and the Canvas element to give a bit of action to the page! You can check out the code on jsFiddle.net.

Indecision Forever

In 2012, the Indecision Forever web site, which aggregates election news coverage from The Daily Show with Jon Stewert and The Colbert Report, got a major overhaul just in time for the presidential election season! Unfortunately, the site is on hiatus as we are “between elections”, you can still experience it in the form of these screen shots!

Colbert Nation and The Daily Show

In addition to general updates and maintenance, I get to do some fun work once in a while, as one would expect when working on Comedy Central’s Emmy award winning shows The Colbert Report and The Daily Show with Jon Stewert. The video selector module allows users to easily browse videos of a certain date or even an entire month. And every once in a while, we get to build an entire page for a single 3 minute gag on the show, such as The Colbuffington Re-Post. A commentary on The Huffington Post‘s notoriety for not paying for content, the site gets brought out and featured on the show whenever Arianna Huffington is on The Colbert Report as a guest. Initially built as a static page, I converted it to take the live Huffington Post home page and replace the logo dynamically so that the The Colbuffington Re-Post is always up to date!


As a senior page developer in Viacom’s Entertainment Group, I am responsible for creating and maintaining pages and modules throughout Spike TV’s web site.


Everything that’s wrong with the internet that still needs to be laughed at can be found at Tosh.0!


I was the lead developer at Atom.com from May of 2009 until the site closed in 2012. I was responsible for all page development on the site, and added many features which allowed the production team to customize various parts of the site without needing to deploy custom code for each project. This was extremely important, given Atom.com’s placement as a site to showcase creative video content in a unique way while still maintaining an overall cohesive design that was easily navigable and promoted new content discovery by the user.


I worked as one of two Lead JavaScript developers on the new Toyota.com redesign project with iCrossing, which launched in late-January of 2008.  As part of his duties, he developed a custom javascript framework utilizing AJAX technologies built on Prototype and Script.aculo.us.  I also created a workflow for deploying compressed javascript libraries from uncompressed source files using an Ant build system integrated with the Eclipse IDE.

Pages of interest that I worked on:
  • Dealer Locator
  • Features, Specs and Options
  • Photo Galleries
  • Demos and Videos
  • Venza Espanol MicroSite (a.k.a. Mad Libs!)
  • Toyota Life

FourBoys Films

The FourBoys Films web site is built using David’s custom content management system, WISKarS.  Built on proven web technologies including PHP, MySQL, Prototype / Script.aculo.us and Flash, FourBoysFilms.com is a prime example of a modern, flexible and maintainable web solution.  Design by Jan Hiura Design.

Craig T. Raisner

An actor’s “resume” web site, this site exhibits clean, standards-compliant code in static XHTML pages that is easy to maintain while showing that “standard” does not necessarily mean “boring”.  Flash is used for multimedia playback of audio and video content, but JavaScript / HTML is used for the photo galleries and home page photo rotation.  Design by Still Designing.


I spent 4 years at Proxicom (now an iCrossing company) working as a Front End Developer on MazdaUSA.com.  During that time, I brought much needed automation to the maintenance of several pages, was a major contributor to the redesign project, and developed the first AJAX implementation for a Proxicom web site for the Mazda Mexico in their dealer kiosk.

The Bituminous Coal Queens of Pennsylvania

This independent documentary film was produced by FourBoys Films.  There are lots of fun layout elements present in this site.  It also has it’s own sound track!  (QuickTime required.)  Design by Jan Hiura Design.

Alfonso Freeman

Alfonso Freeman is an actor and gospel singer.  Son of actor Morgan Freeman, this site was built to launch his first gospel album.  Design by Jan Hiura Design.