David E. Still is a graduate of Northern Michigan University, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Theatre with emphasis on Technical Theatre and Sound Design. David had previously attended Michigan Technological University where his interest in computers quickly led him to the then immature Internet.

After graduating, David found work as a Stagehand in Detroit and Ann Arbor, having previously worked as a Stagehand for the 1996 Olympics including work as a spotlight operator for the opening and closing ceremonies. It was during his time as a Stagehand in Detroit that he created his first web site in March 1997 covering several of his interests, including Highlander: The Card Game and a portfolio of his work as a Sound Designer.

For a first web site, it was quite a large endeavor. The site debuted with over 40 separate pages and has grown to nearly twice that size. In November of 1997, Dave moved to Burbank, California to work with Renaissance Entertainment on a new live stage show being produced for a new theatre in Phuket, Thailand. Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, the project was cancelled in June of 1998.

Having continued to expand and refine his current web site, a friend of Dave’s knew of his passion for web site design and recommended him to her employer to build their web site. In February of 1999, Dave began work on the Frends Beauty Supply web store. The store had nearly 5,000 products for sale from their web site. Frends Beauty Supply offers beauty and make-up supplies for consumers and make-up professionals, and has a large inventory of special effects make-up for the film and television industry.

David created a new Tournament League web site for Thunder Castle Games, the creators of Highlander: The Card Game. The new site uses Tournament Director software and allows players of Highlander to submit tournament results, schedule tournaments, find tournaments in their area, look at their current Nexus rating, and more! David Still worked as the Site Engineer for DisneyStore.com from July 1999 through July 2001. While working with the Disney Internet Group, he also worked on the Disney Ticketing store, the NASCAR Store (no longer maintained by Disney’s E-Commerce group), and Disney Gifts in association with Blue Mountain Arts. David is currently a Rich Media Developer for Proxicom, now an iCrossing company, where his duties include developing javascript platforms for ajax-enabled web sites through the use of custom javascript libraries built on existing platforms. While at iCrossing, David has contributed to several major projects for clients such as Mazda, Toyota, Epson and Chevron.

When not scouring the internet for the next greatest internet widget, David enjoys long walks with his wife and dog near their home in Santa Monica, CA, editing and producing video projects, and the occasional weekend ski getaway during the winter months.