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Albotross Flies Higher! — 0.5.1 RELEASED

New and improved!  Albatross Home Media Streaming Server 0.5.1 is released! New features include:

  • support for mfs_ftp (this method is more reliable if you need to kill the stream)
  • improved stream killing (it actually works in most cases now)
  • user interface tweaks and improvements
  • detailed program information in HMO mode
  • more awesomeness!
 Grab it from the Google Code page, or read more about it on the project page.

The Albatross Is Aloft!

TyStreamer is now the Albatross Home Media Streaming Server!  The new release has many, many new features and improvements including:

  • Support for unhacked TiVos through the HMO interface
  • Watch videos on your Nintendo numberswiki.com

    Wii’s Internet Channel!

  • Major user interface update
  • Cool new logo!
Check out the demo here, or download the release here!