For TiVo Support

  • Make sure that you have vserver (version 1.2 preferred) installed on your TiVo
  • Install the latest development version of VLC on your server
  • Patch and compile vstream-client, or download the appropriate binary for your platform (coming soon). The patch pipes all output to stdout instead of to a file.

For All Setups

  • Untar Albatross in your web servers httpdocs (or public_html) folder, or in a subfolder
  • Open albatross.ini.php in your favorite text editor and update the following: 
    • change the paths to match your installation for the support files (i.e., “/usr/bin/vlc” or “/sw/bin/vlc”)
    • under [sources], set the address for all of your TiVos and any folders that you wish to allow streaming for. For each TiVo, use syntax tivo://tivoip/, e.g.: 
      $tySourceList<span> </span><span>=</span><span> </span><span>array</span><span>(
      <span><span>	</span></span>"Movies"<span><span>		</span></span><span>=&gt;</span><span><span>	</span></span>"videos/"<span>,
      	"Windows Folder"	=&gt;	"c:\\videos",
      <span><span>	</span></span>"TiVo Hacked"<span><span>		</span></span><span>=&gt;</span><span><span>	</span></span>"tivo://tivo/"<span>,
      	"TiVo HMO"<span><span>		</span></span><span>=&gt;</span><span><span>	</span></span>"hmo://tivo:1234567890@tivo2/"
    • Edit the Support Programs section with the appropriate paths for your files. In many cases, you may only need to uncomment the correct version for your platform. 
      <span><span>	</span>"vlc"<span><span>			</span></span><span>=&gt;</span><span><span>	</span></span>"/Applications/"<span>,
      <span><span>	</span></span>"vstream-client"<span><span>	</span></span><span>=&gt;</span><span><span>	</span></span>"/sw/bin/vstream-client"<span>,
      <span><span>	</span></span>"tivodecode"<span><span>		</span></span><span>=&gt;</span><span><span>	</span></span>"/sw/bin/tivodecode"<span>,
      <span><span>	</span></span>"curl"<span><span>			</span></span><span>=&gt;</span><span><span>	</span></span>"/usr/bin/curl"<span>,
      <span><span>	</span></span>"kill"<span><span>			</span></span><span>=&gt;</span><span><span>	</span></span>"/usr/bin/killall -9 VLC"</span></span></span></span></span>
  • Point your browser to index.php, and off you go!

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