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Firebug Lite 1.2 — All Grown Up

Friday, July 25th, 2008

Sure, you love the full-bodied debugging environment that comes with Firebug 1.2, but when you’re on the move, jumping from browser to browser, you just can’t get weighed down by being tied to Firefox all day. When I’m surfing Safari, live at the Opera, or kickin’ with IE, I debug with Firebug Lite, now with more debug! (more…)

TyStreamer page moved to Still Designing

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

The TyStreamer page has moved from its old home on to the main Still Designing web site!  This by itself is not necessarily “blog-worthy” as the content hasn’t changed much… yet.  But some of you may have noticed that the VideoLAN team has just release VLC version 0.9.0-test1.  TyStreamer now requires version 0.9.0 for its ability to stream flash video, allowing you to use 98% of all web browser installations to watch video on your TiVo or home computer anywhere on the internet.  There hasn’t been a new release of TyStreamer in a while largely because VLC 0.9.0 has been a bit of a moving target.  Now that we’re starting to see some slightly more stable releases from VLC, TyStreamer can likewise start showing its stuff.  Some of the cool new features you can look forward to over previous versions:

  • Streams Flash video
  • View video files on your home computer as well as TiVo programs
  • Support for multiple video sources from the same TyStreamer installation
  • Cool new Web 2.0 user interface using jQuery!
  • Streams to the Nintendo Wii’s Internet Channel!
And much, much more!  For the more intrepid souls, you can try using the latest from svn, or you can wait for an official release “Real Soon Now”(TM).