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  1. Hello David,

    When will you come up with the patch for WordPress 2.6. I really need this to make my site a little bit more professional. I cant believe WordPress still hasnt got themed login, registration and profile pages.



  2. The next release for this patch will either come when I get around to updating my own blog to 2.6 or when I take the time to rework the patch to something that they will commit to the main branch (see the UPDATE in the post). Have you tried applying the patch as-is to 2.6? I don’t know how much they’ve changed the login code, but if it hasn’t gone through too many updates, it might still apply.

    – Dave

  3. Just tested it on a WP2.6 test installation and it seems to work just fine for as far as I tested it. The code of wp-login.php has changed only slightly I think.

    Hopefully themed login/registration and maybe even profile will become standard from 2.7.

  4. How do you install a patch?

    I’m kind of grieving over the loss of James Kelly’s Themed Login & Registration — it was perfect and did exactly what I wanted — to embed the login form in the theme.

    But it hasn’t been updated in a long time, and his site appears to be no longer maintained.

    So, your solution here seems very close to what I want… but I don’t understand how to install a patch…

  5. Hi David,
    I love your login/register – on your site though, I could not make it on mine 🙁
    I downloaded the 2 files and placed them in the respective directories, but I could not make it work.
    Can you send me the 2 files? and a short cookbook of how to do this? Will you make a plugin out of this?

  6. bambi and StrangeAttractor, here are some simple instructions to get this working. Please keep in mind that this was developed for WordPress 2.5.2, and may or may not work with later versions.

    First, the sample.login.php is just that; a sample. For most themes, you should be able to just rename it to login.php and it will include your header, navs, etc., but you may need to modify it to fit your theme.

    For the diff file, you need to apply this patch to wp-login.php. On *NIX-based systems, you can do this fairly simply from the command-line. In the same folder as wp-login.php, run the following command:

    patch -p0 < wp-login.php.diff

    For information on how to use patch on Windows, check out this link. I’m told that this patch applies cleanly to 2.6 (thanks for testing that, Glitch), but again, no guarantees.

    – Dave

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